Mini Street Dresses in RAAS

Mini Street Dresses in RAAS Local Market

Mini Street as RAAS

When we began our journey in 2015, our ultimate goal was to see our clothing reach others and impact their lives. We could never have imagined how quickly our designs and clothing choices would impact others. Recently we were proud to open our first flagship store in the RAAS Local Market inside West Edmonton Mall.

Mini Street began as a way to see our kids well dressed and to have some fun outfits and styles that we could also wear. Flash forward three years later and we still get that same euphoric high when we see other people wearing our designs. Our brand has grown so much and has become one of the go-to sources for “Mama and Me” twinning clothing.

As a family-oriented company, we understand how hard children are on their clothing.

Our clothing has always been focused on sustainability. The clothing we create and sell isn’t going to fade or start falling apart after 30 days like we see with so many brands. Our clothing is made in Canada using high-quality fabrics to ensure it is durable. We only sell clothing that is designed to go through the day-to-day lifestyles of children and adults alike.

Since we launched the brand, we have been able to pair fashionable tops and bottoms with accessories that are all designed to help you and your kids look their best. A lot of parents simply do not have time to plan and coordinate outfits for their children. However, most parents want to shop for clothing that blends well together and lets their child look great. Finding the time to do these things can be stressful. Fortunately, Mini Street is committed to making sure we create fashionable designs that will let your kids look their best. Not only are we focused on providing fashionable outfits to kids, but to parents. Our recent store opening at RAAS showcases some of our beautiful designs. Here are some of the latest offerings we are providing:

New Styles for 2018

Mama and Me Twinning Styles

Fashionable Accessories

Affordability is another important element we used when we created Mini Street. As you browse through our designs and styles, you will see affordable price ranges designed around the working parent’s budget. We want to bring you fashionable clothing that looks and feels great, but won’t break your budget!

Staying in touch with the latest fashion trends and styles is important to the Mini Street team. We create styles that are original, unique, and guaranteed to stand out from all the other shirts, dresses, and clothes on the market. Some of our fun styles incorporate superheroes into the mix for those kids and adults that love superheroes. Our styles are designed in a way to remain relevant as they bring fashion forward. Our handmade styles are created in-house and we spend countless hours working on creating pieces we know our customers will appreciate. Each pant, top, and dress we create has been designed in a way to change the way a person feels when wearing it. We play with fabric and understand how to manipulate it to bring out a different appeal. Clothing is often used as a way to communicate yourself to others, let our pieces give you that confidence you deserve with remarkable clothing. Our dresses are one of our most treasured items we create and sell, take a moment to browse through our styles and find one that speaks to you!

Dressing for all types of weather? One of the things we always work on is bringing new ideas to the table for each season. We create new styles and clothing options for the different season, allowing you to stay ahead of the fashion curve. Connect with us on social media to stay in touch with the latest styles we have created!

We also love to hear back from our customers! Tag us in your photos or write a review to let us know how we are doing so we can continue to stay connected and bring you sustainable, fashionable, and affordable clothing!

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