It starts with style.

We are a clothing brand that is serious about styling your MINIs and you. Want looks that only you would wear but for them...we have it all.   We even have something for you too, because who doesn’t love a good twinning moment for you and for your MINI.

If that wasn't enough...we make every piece in our WORKROOM, just for you. 




Hi, I'm Milan... welcome to MINI Street.

I am one of the LUCKY ones, I get to do so many things I love through my work.

Be creative, connect with cool people, make clothes and buy fabric! I am crazy passionate about what I do...sewing, designing and all things business.  There’s definitely more of a back story…something that included being an engineer, being a mom, needing to find balance, and eventually just listening to the murmurs of my soul and jumping into something so wild as making kids clothes.

Yeah, abit crazy, abit wild, abit of a leap of faith. But here I am, saying “Hey…I’m so lucky to be here and to have you in our community loving all things MINI Street.”


This is the WORKROOM.

Right here in the magic, we create, cut, sew, tag, finish and ship all the things that make MINI Street what it is. Every piece made for you, made by us, not from a factory since 2015.

Find us in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.