Halloween Costume

What’s My Halloween Costume Going to Be?

It’s not long now until we will watch our kids dress up in fun Halloween costumes and trick-or-treating begins. As a mom, there are few things I love to do more than share special holidays with my children. Watching their excitement each holiday brings so much warmth to my heart and a beaming smile on my face. However, like a lot of moms, I always start to worry about Halloween and the dreaded costume shopping experience. Finding a costume they love is not only time-consuming, but it’s painful to pay a lot of money on a cheaply-made costume.

Choosing a Halloween Costume

Finding Quality Halloween Costumes

You get what you pay for! That statement is never more true than when it comes to spending money on a cheap costume at the local shopping center. The other annoying part, your child most likely will only get to choose from a few overly popular Halloween costumes, none of which help them stand out on All Hallow’s Eve. When you are shopping for Halloween costumes, you want to look for quality costumes to ensure they can withstand the test of time. I love saving last year’s Halloween costumes because they could be used by my other kids, or they will make great vintage costumes for future generations.

Choosing a Costume Theme

Oh no, here we go! When children start talking about costumes, it seems like they change their mind every day as to which character or personality they want to take on for Halloween. While you can follow the trendy costumes you see at every store, I recommend opting for long-lasting trends. The best part about Halloween is that you truly can be whatever you want! Form Garth in Wayne’s World to a black swan, the right costume can make the difference. Younger kids often learn towards broad-themed costume ideas like a cheetah or a scarecrow versus the latest TV show character to hit the shelf.

The Family the Plays Together

One of the most enjoyable activities to do with your children is to spend time playing with them! Halloween is an ideal time to get creative with some of these fun ideas. Kids look cute no matter what, but it’s even more enjoyable to dress up with parents.

Choosing the Halloween T-shirt for Dress Up

Even if you aren’t a fan of dressing up, we’ve got you covered with our fun spooky-themed clothing. Our comfortable shirts are designed to be worn year-round, and are guaranteed to turn heads when you are out pumpkin picking or walking through a corn maze!

From themed costumes to traditional Halloween costumes, Mini Street is ready to bring your All Hallow’s Eve to a new spooky level!

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