Fun Hairstyles for Toddlers

Hairstyles for Kids Part 1: Fun Hairstyles for Toddlers

Toddler hairstyles can be tricky with the variety of different hair types. We do have some tips and tricks to help with those that are looking to give their toddler a cool trendy style!
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Mini Street Dresses in RAAS

Mini Street Dresses in RAAS Local Market

When we began our journey in 2015, our ultimate goal was to see our clothing reach others and impact their lives. We could never have imagined how quickly our designs and clothing choices would impact others. Recently we were proud to open our first flagship store in the RAAS Local Market inside West Edmonton Mall.
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Kids Ready for Back to School

Getting Kids Ready for Back to School

Mini Street has you covered when it comes to back-to-school fashion. We help you understand how to choose the clothing line right for your child.
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 Kids Clothes style

How To Shop For Kids Clothes

With how quickly children grow, it can be very difficult to find clothing for kids. It can even become more difficult trying to find stylish clothing for kids. We've got you covered, this covers how to buy kids clothes.
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