Different Ways to Style an Outfit

Different Ways to Style an Outfit

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Wearing similar outfits every day can become boring. How can you change up your wardrobe to make your clothing feel fresh again? Mini Street is focused on providing our customers with fashion-forward trends and creating unique outfits styles for our customers. We have put together some of our favorite tips to style an outfit without breaking your budget!

Keeping the Same Outfit With a New Twist

Do you have a go-to outfit? We love our favorite dresses and skirts as much as the next girl, but we can admit that wearing the same outfit over and over can get a little boring. To dress up our favorite dresses we recommend pairing it with some accessories, cardigans, or blazers to give your favorite dress a new twist.

Transformation Time

How can you change up your wardrobe? Here are some of our favorite tips to transform your wardrobe:

  • Bring out a color pop to your dress with a colorful sweater, cardigan, or blazer
  • Pair your dress with accessories like our modern bracelets, hair jewelry, and hats
  • Colorful shoes can make your favorite outfit stand out in a different way
  • Pair your wardrobe with a colorful or oversized handbag or clutch
  • A colorful shirt under a dress is a fun way to give a contrasting pattern for a less formal occasion

The biggest aspect about styling an outfit is to be in tune with your creative side. Our creativity is what makes us unique. All you need to do to style an outfit is to add or subtract some of your favorite accessories. Keep in touch with our blog to learn fun fashion trends and styles for year-round wear!

We believe purchasing an item of clothing is something that should last for years. We focus on creating original designs and styles that are going to last for years. You can keep your favorite dress around for years and give it a fresh look with some fun accessories and fashion trends. One of the things that make our line of clothing and accessories different is that fact that we believe in being fearless and unique with our designs and styles. We experiment with different patterns, colors, and styles to create outfits that do not look basic and can be worn for most occasions.

Floral Prints – Bringing Fashion Forward!

One staple in every closet should be a floral print dress. From teenagers to older women, floral prints are designed for all. If you are feeling like you may wear it too much, change it up with floral leggings paired with a plain dress or long shirt. Adding different accessories each time you pair an outfit together will allow you to keep your favorite florals fresh. Follow us on social media to see some modern styles and designs to stay ahead of the fashion curve.

Basic Fashion Staples

If you like the feeling of a casual style without a lot of extra work, stick with it. Keeping your outfit just the way it is with a simple pair of shoes or handbag is a fashion statement. You don’t need to wear floral patterns and polka dots just because you think this is the way fashion is headed based on your age. We have several designs that are created for the everyday woman and man. From striped dresses to rash guards, Mini Street understands the importance of creating outfits for everyone and for multiple occasions. Browse through our latest styles and bring your fashion sense a step forward!

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