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How MINI Street Came to Be

When I decided to pursue my own clothing line it wasn’t because I had always dreamed of being a fashion designer, but rather was looking for a way to spend more time with my family. It's a pretty a cliche story but after I had my second child I just couldn’t keep up with the demands of work. There were too many hours and too many expectations. I wanted something that would allow me to set my own schedule so I could spend more time at home and less time in the office.

I graduated from the University of Alberta in 2004 and spent eleven years working across the province as a civil engineer before I started making clothes out of a need for more creativity. When I was laid off in 2015, I took it as a sign to pursue this new endeavour and see where it would lead me. It was a blessing in disguise, really. I had already done a few markets and was having a lot of fun developing the line so I just ran with it. I never expected to get this far. Originally, I planned to be off of work for a few years but now, I can’t really imagine doing anything else.

With over 30,000 followers on Instagram and orders being shipped out across North America, MINI Street has come a long way in just four short years. It took me a while to figure out what I was doing. I knew how to use a sewing machine, I learned in high school, and drafting patterns is similar to drafting floor plans but there was still a lot of trial and error when it came to finding the right fits and fabrics. Luckily, the engineer in me is a perfectionist. I have a very analytical way of looking at things. My approach to designing is much more technical than it is artistic. It was through constant research and striving to find the best possible methods and equipment that I was able to grow MINI Street. You can’t be afraid to talk to people and to look beyond Canada when it comes to sourcing your supplies and material. I definitely made some mistakes along the way but I like to think that, by now, I’ve nailed it.

Last year, I took the leap from e-commerce to brick and mortar when I opened my first store in West Edmonton Mall’s Fourpost, formally known as RAAS. I was pretty hesitant about launching my own store, but I’m so glad the Fourpost team convinced me to do it! I love selling at markets and pop-ups but having a storefront introduced me to a whole new clientele. Meeting new people and getting their feedback about the clothing or what they want to see in the next collection is my absolute favourite part about designing. Having my own space at Fourpost allowed me to get that one-on-one interaction outside of market season.

Since leaving Fourpost, I have been searching for the perfect location to open my next storefront. I'm happy and super excited to announce that I've found it! In collaboration with Xtend Barre, you can shop MINI Street just off of Whyte Ave next to Crave Cupcakes and Planet Organic.

Visit MINI Street new location! 

7927 104 St NW, Edmonton, AB 

Monday, Wednesday, Friday: 10 - 6

Thursday: 10 - 8

Saturday: 10 - 4

Sunday: 12 - 4

Closed on Tuesdays

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