Protecting the Earth and Ensuring Fair Wages

Our Values: Protecting the Earth and Ensuring Fair Wages for All

Our consumption of clothing produces 1.5 tonnes of CO2 emissions per household per year  that’s the equivalent of driving 6000 cars. We believe we can all make a difference which is why MINI Street is committed to implementing sustainable and ethical practices throughout every stage of our manufacturing process. 


Not only do we use minimal, recyclable packaging for all of our orders but we also use a significant amount of bamboo fibers in our garments. Unlike popular synthetics like polyester, bamboo is a natural fiber that can be cultivated quickly and results in fewer greenhouse gases omissions. To avoid wasting textiles, we use the same fabrics to create multiple designs including accessories! We also encourage pre-ordering as we are moving closer and closer to becoming a no waste inventory brand. 


We believe fashion should be fun, but you won't find us hopping on every trend-bandwagon! Instead, we design and create pieces that are polished, modern, and versatile. We want you to be able to wear your favourite MINI Street pieces for years, even decades, to come without worrying about whether or not they're still in style. 


Each MINI Street piece is created in our Edmonton-based studio, and we utilize as many earth-friendly materials as we possibly can. We also work with a team of experienced local artisans so each garment is ethically produced with a whole lot of love and attention to detail! 


MINI Street would not be where it is today without the support of our amazing community, which is why collaborating with local creators and initiatives is so important to us. We recently partnered with Justine Ma to launch the Be Kind Sweater and donated $2070 of our profits to the Grovenor School's Kindness Club. You can learn more about our Kindness Month initiatives here


We want to slow down the mindless consumption of clothing in favour of a thoughtfully curated wardrobe. Here are 7 simple eco-friendly ways you can implement in your daily life to reduce your impact on the planet: 

  1. Support local businesses
  2. Shop secondhand and vintage
  3. Invest in your clothing
  4. Handwash and air dry your clothing whenever possible 
  5. Choose environmentally-friendly detergents 
  6. Shop sustainably made or fair trade clothing 
  7. Spend time researching a brand's manufacturing processes and ensuring real transparency 


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