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February is Kindness Month and We're Spreading Some Positivity!

February is kindness month, and we can't think of a better way to spread a little love than collaborating with amazing local brands and initiatives that are #prokindess! Keep on reading to learn more about our latest partnerships and join our mailing list for exclusive offers.

The Be Kind Sweater

Justine Ma is an Edmonton-based designer, hand letterer, mommy, and champion of self-love. Together, we created these mega soft sweatshirts to put a smile on your face and cover all the bases. Your mini and you are all set for pink shirt day, pro-kindness day, and world kindness day! But the goodness doesn’t end there. For every children’s Be Kind sweatshirt that is purchased, we’ll donate $10 to the Grovenor School’s Kindness Club. Treat yourself to one, and we will donate $20 on your behalf! Our small but mighty team is hard at work creating the second batch of adults sweatshirts. Pre-order today and your order will ship after February 18th.

The Pink Tee

If you have been part of the Mini Street community, you know the “You Can Sit With Me” tees are a staple in both our adult and children collections. But, in honour of #PINKSHIRTDAY, we are re-releasing a full-size run in a new colour-way! On February 17th, join the movement and take a stand against bullying because the world could definitely use a little more kindness. Not only does your purchase promote inclusivity and support local makers but, for the entire month of February, we’re donating 15% of our pink tee sales to Northmount School's Belonging & Connection Leadership Team.

The Belonging and Connection Team, which is hard at work creating Valentine’s Day cards for the entire student body, is committed to ensuring that students and staff at Northmount feel a sense of belonging. After all, when people are made to feel like they matter, they start to see themselves and their ideas reflected in the environment around them.

Random Act of Kindness Day

We all know what it feels like to have a bad day. Maybe you hit snooze one too many times and missed an important work meeting or your car stalled in traffic. Regardless of the severity, the bad day blues can be momentarily lifted by a simple act of kindness from a stranger. On February 27th, we challenge you to spread some cheer with at least one random — and selfless — act of kindness for a loved one and a stranger. Buy someone a cup of coffee, make your partner dinner, donate to a local shelter or food bank, give your seat up on the bus, call your parents. After all, it doesn’t take much to put a smile on someone’s face.


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