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5 go to activities

5 Kid-Friendly Activities You Can Do At Home!

As the coronavirus pandemic continues and another school year comes to an end, it’s getting harder and harder to find ways to keep my kids busy and entertained throughout the day. Playdates and playgrounds are no longer options, and I’ll be honest, I’m starting to develop at-home-fatigue (I’m sure you are too). Between running a business and caring for two small children who are bored and starting to go stir-crazy, it’s been hard to have a minute to myself. But here are five quarantine-friendly tricks I have up my sleeve.

Build a Fort

A children's fort made out of blankets and pillows in a living room

It’s like camping but indoors and without the hassle of packing up supplies and food. All you really need are some bedsheets, tape, pillows, and blankets. You can use furniture or any cardboard boxes leftover from deliveries to create the structure. Adding string lights can make the space extra cozy and inviting. Whatever design you choose, be sure to get the kids involved in the building process — so they can get creative and even more tired *wink, wink*. During the day, they can play inside with their favourite toys or even art supplies, and at night you can set up a TV or tablet to watch a movie together.

Try Natural Tie Dye

Naturally dyed, yellow dish towels hang on a clothing line outside

This one will have you feeling nostalgic for your childhood — tie-dying is the perfect stay-home activity. Not only does it get the creative juices flowing but it's an excuse to spend the afternoon outside, and you can even up-cycle clothing or bedding that may have been forgotten. While there are plenty of tie-dye kits available online, we suggest making your own natural dyes with vegetables, fruits, and even spices in your pantry. Learn more about natural, plant-based dyes here.

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Create an Obstacle Course

A young boy crawling through a colourful tunnel in his backyard

Trying to tire out your overly-active child? Set up an obstacle course in your living room or backyard. It doesn’t have to be worthy of Pinterest, just use what you have laying around. Whether that’s furniture, landscaping material, or even some well-laid-out tape. It just has to hold their attention long enough for you to indulge in some ME time!

Practice Mindfulness

a small girl is laying on a patch of lush grass

Practicing mindfulness, the psychological process of learning to focus on the here and now, is a great way to help your children work through their emotions and build character. Taking a few minutes every morning and, or, evening, to work on different mindfulness exercises can help your child focus, improve their social skills, reduce attention problems, and even mitigate the effects of bullying. Learn more about mindfulness activities for children here.

Break out the Rainbow Ice Paint

a child painting with ice-cube paint blocks

I’ll admit, this one is a bit messy but definitely worth it. If your kids are bored with colouring and regular paints, try making a batch of ice paints instead. All you need is water, food colouring, popsicle sticks, an ice cube tray, and lots of paper. Then the fun can begin!


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