MINI Made Program

What Is The MINI Made Program?

You have impeccable taste, and so do we. But let's face it, times have changed and as a result, so has the way we produce clothes. Gone are the good ol days when we could effortlessly roll out ready-to-wear garments. Blame it on COVID, Amazon, or any other XYZ reason. Regardless of the reason though, one thing remains unchanged: our commitment to sustainable production which demands time, effort, and resources. And let's not forget, you still want your MINI to be the talk of the town in our outfits.

So, here's the deal. The MINI Made Program is our answer to your undying love for fresh styles and our unwavering passion for crafting top-notch clothing right in our WORKROOM. During a limited-time window, you have the golden opportunity to jump on pre-ordering our upcoming collections. If the buzz is loud enough and we receive enough orders, we hit the green light and let the crafting magic begin. But here's the catch: if the collection doesn’t receive your support and we don’t get enough orders, we can’t bring the collection to life and production won’t begin.

By supporting the MINI Made Program, you're not just dressing your MINI in style; you're investing in a sustainable future, reducing waste, and ensuring that MINI Street continues to set trends for years to come!