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Introducing Mini Street's New Look

Notice anything different? If you recently made a purchase, you may have noticed the new logo. After realizing there was a demand for high-quality, sustainably made, fun children’s clothing, I founded Mini Street Kidswear in 2015. As your little one(s) have grown over the years, so have my own children, and so has Mini Street. 
Three years of selling at markets and pop-ups allowed me the opportunity to meet so many amazing customers — both new and old. I wanted to keep expanding our community, so I decided it was finally time to take the leap into brick and mortar retail. In March 2018, Mini Street’s first flagship store opened in West Edmonton Mall’s Fourpost (formally known as RAAS). 
Not only has Fourpost welcomed me into a community of talented and dedicated entrepreneurs, creators, and artisans, but it has provided me with the ability to hear your stories, concerns, and feedback every day. Mini Street Kidswear is what it is because of every single one of you, and I can't thank you enough for your support. Every event, workshop, collaboration, and purchase has contributed to Mini Street's evolution! 
What started as a children's fashion company has become an exciting family lifestyle brand. Mini Street's early stages and logo were heavily inspired by street style, but I thought it was time to express where the brand is now. To meet the desire for a more inclusive size range including adult collections, Mini Street has adopted a more modern and classic look. I hope you like the new look. 
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Hairstyles for Kids: Part 3 - Kindergarten

Hairstyles for Kindergartners

Kindergarten hairstyles can be a lot of fun, and most kids are comfortable to sit for longer periods of time while you try out cool things like dragon braids and buns. Thanks to YouTube and Pinterest, it’s easy to find some great ideas for hairstyles and make them your own. Here are some of my favorites I’ve tried out so far.

Dragon Braid

This is a really cool, fun hairstyle that kindergarteners and older kids love. It can take a little practice, but it’s essentially like having a French braid with cool scales. Check out this step-by-step tutorial to help you create this awesome braid.  The best part, with the holiday season coming up, this is a cool hairstyle for each holiday! Your daughter is sure to love this one, especially if she is planning on dressing up for Halloween!

The Twisted Pony

I love this one because it’s two days with one hairstyle. Anything that keeps me from needing to spend a long amount of time doing my daughters hair is always a blessing. What I love about the twisted pony is how easy it is to do. You just need to a high ponytail, separate it into four parts and then twist the two strands into each other. Use a rubber band to hold it in place while you finish up the other sections. Use two rope braids and twist them up into a cool bun for day one, let it down for day two! Or you can keep the two twisted rope braids and then let them all out on the second day for a beautiful wavy look. Here’s a good tutorial to help you work on your twisted pony.

Single Braid

Do you ever run around in the mornings trying to get everyone off and ready for school, only to see your daughter casually stroll by with bed head? That seems to be at least one or two mornings in my house! No matter how often I remind her to at least brush her hair, she rarely makes a big effort to make it look cute and stylish. So, the go-to around here is a simple single braid. I love this one because it’s easy to do and it looks like a headband, so it helps to keep some hair out of her face throughout the day. Do a small braid, tuck it and secure it in place with a bobby pin and she is on her way to school!


When the cold winter weather hits, I get pretty excited about dressing my kids up in beanies and adorable winter gear. A beanie is a great way to hide some rocking bed head, and it’s a great way to help prevent your kids from getting too cold! Check out the latest beanies we have created to not only handle the cold air but to keep your kids looking fashionable!

If you have some great hairstyle tips for kindergartners, let us know! We’re eager to share more fun and exciting life hacks for our readers. And as always, keep an eye on our website for some fun new creations this season. 

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Hairstyles for Kids: Part 2 – Preschoolers

Hairstyles for Kids: Part 2 – Preschoolers

Hairstyles for Preschoolers

I’ll admit it, when my kids started getting older I was ecstatic to try out all these cute hairstyles, but I quickly found out it was not easy! When it comes to preschoolers, you get to have a little more fun with the hairstyles. Most preschoolers aren’t as frustrated and upset about having their hair done but don’t expect them to keep it looking great all day. Preschoolers are notorious for running and playing constantly., which means a lovely half-braided rat’s nest by the end of the evening. Here are some no-fail, fun hairstyles for your preschoolers.

Waterfall Braid

One simple go-to hairstyle I use all the time is the waterfall braid. To get started, brush out your preschooler's hair so its soft and doesn’t have any tangles. Part the hair down the middle and then start on either side of the head with two sections of hair. Now you will cross one section of hair over another, moving it away from the face. Next, take a new section of hair and have it “fall” over the piece you just pulled from the face. That piece is essentially done as it’s not falling through your first twist. You want to take the bottom section of hair and take it over the waterfall hair. Next, grab another section of hair and repeat the over/under process until you are half-way around the head. You should be around the end of the hair you started with, just make an easy three section braid to tie off this section. Pin up this hair with a couple bobby pins and have it cross under the hair on the other side of the head. You want to take the hair on the left side and repeat this same process. Drop those layers and look at how adorable the hair turned out!

Lazy Curls

Want to know one of my favorite hairstyles for my daughter? I love hot curlers and Velcro curlers, they make it incredibly easy to add some curl to her hair. You can do the Velcro curlers or foam curlers at night after a bath, they are soft and easy to sleep on. Hot curlers work great on second-day hair. Use a little mouse to give the curlers something to help hold the curl and place the hot curlers in the hair for about ten minutes or so, it depends on the body of her hair. Take them out, tug a little to give it a cute, stylish curl and she’s ready to hit the town! Don’t forget to accessorize with some of our favorite bracelets and necklaces.

Looney Braid with Microbraids

That morning rush is the worst for getting preschoolers hair ready and headed out the door! Cute hairstyles don’t need to be these complex masterpieces. In fact, it’s pretty easy to dress up any preschoolers hair with a fun scrunchie. A Loony Braid is a fun hairstyle, that’s quick and easy to do. It’s a braid with two strands that are small and then you have a large one. The fun part is braiding them all together and you have this cool set of braids that are uneven, but stylish. Learn how to do this awesome hairstyle with this walk-through guide.

We hope you have a fun time styling your preschooler’s hair this week, share some of your favorite hairstyles with us, we would love to keep adding to our guides! Keep checking our website for new and fun accessories and outfits that will keep your preschooler looking stylish.

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Fun Hairstyles for Toddlers

Hairstyles for Kids Part 1: Fun Hairstyles for Toddlers

Toddler hairstyles can be tricky with the variety of different hair types. We do have some tips and tricks to help with those that are looking to give their toddler a cool trendy style!
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Halloween Costume

What’s My Halloween Costume Going to Be?

When it comes to finding the perfect Halloween costume, you don't want to just run out and buy the first thing on the shelf. Consider quality, trends, style, and quality. We have some great tips to help you find the perfect Halloween costume.
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Mini Street Dresses in RAAS

Mini Street Dresses in RAAS Local Market

When we began our journey in 2015, our ultimate goal was to see our clothing reach others and impact their lives. We could never have imagined how quickly our designs and clothing choices would impact others. Recently we were proud to open our first flagship store in the RAAS Local Market inside West Edmonton Mall.
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Different Ways to Style an Outfit

Different Ways to Style an Outfit

If you feel your clothing line is boring and it's time to change up your wardrobe, we have some unique styles and tips to help you bring life back into your outfits.
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Kids Ready for Back to School

Getting Kids Ready for Back to School

Mini Street has you covered when it comes to back-to-school fashion. We help you understand how to choose the clothing line right for your child.
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 Kids Clothes style

How To Shop For Kids Clothes

With how quickly children grow, it can be very difficult to find clothing for kids. It can even become more difficult trying to find stylish clothing for kids. We've got you covered, this covers how to buy kids clothes.
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Trendy Outfits for Kids

Trendy Outfits for Kids That You’ll Want to Wear Too!

Mini Street is redesigning style for your and your MINI. If you love children's fashion but find adult clothing boring.
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